What We Do

We can help you to accelerate your transformation towards

new digital business

Transformation of the company

One of the largest barriers for new services and business models lies inside the company, it's common that the expected value or roll-out are delayed due to limited or complex execution in the business transformation activities in the company.

Our focus are to support and accelerate the business transformation in the company, and less on the technical part of the digital innovation.

Our clients are industry leaders,  startups and investors

Our client's size of business and industries differs, often it's the digital innovation that drives the need for business transformation support. It can be a startup that wants to scale-up or it can be a leading enterprise player or its supplier that wants to start or re-start a business transformation journey.

Our expertise to support & guide

Client offerings are tailored and can be packaged and delivered in different ways, the following areas of expertize are offered to support and guide.

  • Strategy development

  • Business model design

  • Value pool discovery - insights from data in the eco-system

  • Transformation design, plan and execution management support

  • Scale-up - organization, investment, spin-offs, partnership and channels

  • Board member / Board advisor / Coach

Co-operation with selected partners around the world secure that clients gets the best expertise on the market.